Parents, Bring Your Kids to Junior Ju Jitsu

Start em’ young! Ju Jitsu is Great for Kids

Firstly, we would like to say that we respect all Martial Arts, and think that they are all valuable for what they were created to be. However, we strongly believe that when talking about children, Ju Jitsu (which translates as The Gentle Art) is the perfect Martial Art as all forms of striking combat sports, such as full contact sparring, are dangerous and too risky for children.

Another benefit of Ju Jitsu is learning the ability to defend one’s self just by controlling the attacker, without actually harming them. This is the “bread and butter” of this fascinating art form.

The main goal in Ju Jitsu is to ALWAYS being aware and controlling the situation, Ju Jitsu prides itself on the usage of technique and leverage above everything.  The main concept is that you must shorten the distance between yourself and your opponent, and initiate the clinch. Next you use various trips, throws, and take-downs to bring the altercation to the ground. Once getting there, certain dominant positions and holds are used by the person to control the attacker.

Generally speaking, not many systems of self defence allow the smaller, and more times than not the weaker person, to subdue a larger opponent.  As a result, your child will not be taught to depend on size or strength. Practitioners learn to defend themselves, and control their opponent even without trading punches or using finishing holds that might get you in trouble with the school, or police. What you are doing is simply removing the potential of the other person inflicting harm on you, this is the ultimate anti-bullying tool. Having the opportunity to harm someone but choosing not to, and making them aware of it. What is even better is that children learn all these attributes including balance, flexibility, and weight distribution, while playing and having fun, and most academies structure the teaching and sparring sessions in the form of a game of self defence and play time mixed together in a very friendly environment.

To be involved in such an art while growing up is a very intriguing, yet interesting phenomenon, which stimulates the mind as well as the body.  Influenced by their instructors and professors of Ju Jitsu, the students themselves want to do better in and out of class.  They are being taught how to break down and solve problems which occur both during training sessions, and in life. Critical aspects of the child’s character are being forged right there on the tatami (mats).  Children learn that sometimes you are going to be the smaller, weaker, slower one, or not in the best position possible, but you still have to do the best of your ability to not give up, and to keep trying.  Being disciplined and having a good work ethic takes you further than you ever thought it could. These are life-long lessons which we have found to be true through Ju Jitsu.

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Class Activities & More Information

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Age Range: 6yrs to 16yrs

In all our Junior Ju Jitsu and Self Defence Classes we have a great mix of activities which keeps all our young Martial Artists keen, and eager to learn. We have a great balance of Fun & Learning, with a key emphasise on Respect, Discipline, and Focus being instilled into all our classes. We cover a vast amount of Martial Arts techniques, and cover Anti Bullying Drills, Self Defence, Pad Work, Fitness Training, Sport Ju Jitsu, and much more.

All our Instructors are fully DBS at Enhanced Level, and are fully Insured.

We take pride in that we hold recognised teaching qualifications for teaching Martial Arts to children.  We have a vast amount of experience in this field, including working with children from a very young age, children with concentration difficulties, ADHD, Aspergers etc, and also children who need a little extra help with hand and eye coordination.