Meet the team: Sensei Scott Roughley

Scott’s martial arts journey started in 1992 studying go kan Ryu karate and has been in many aspects of security from cash in transit, k9 unit to retail and a door supervisor.

Over a period of time Scott trained in multiple martial arts from boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai and wrestling, he soon realised that in confrontation and under pressure coupled with confined areas such as busy public places, these techniques were not practical. At that time there wasn’t many self -defence clubs about, of the one’s available most were mainly sport orientated. Very soon Scott took up Gutter fighting (ww2 combatives) with a fellow door supervisor and loved every minute; He took to it like a duck to water but unfortunately the club closed. Soon after he tried to find another club locally but was unable to source a club that matched what he required (that soon changed)!

Whilst working on a venue one night they had an incident where quite a few fellow door supervisors where injured, one being stabbed, the confusion, shouting, objects being thrown and of course adrenaline was something Scott had never experienced at that level.

This made Scott start looking a style that would incorporate striking, take downs and ground defence, Scott then met sensei Ian Tranter and has trained under sensei from 2012 to present and is now a 2nd Dan (Nidan) black belt.


Scott has studied krav maga / kapap (Israeli martial arts) for many years and attended many CQC and weapon courses, Scott tried various organisations but didn’t see effectiveness in their techniques until he found the right club for him and still trains there to this day. Scott has now retired from the security sector on a full-time basis but still carries out work with k9 units part time, which has given him a lot more time to instruct, Scott has mentioned he has four children of which some of his children are autistic.

I would say he’s one busy man, however, he says that has helped him in his martial arts journey to understand that we are not all the same and everyone’s abilities are different.

He did mention that they have a self-defence class of which one of the students was a lady at the young age of 73!

Scott also said, “the hardest part for anyone looking for martial arts was walking into the dojo”, but added, “we are a friendly lot and the kids enjoy themselves and so do the seniors so what have you got to lose…”