Group Self Defence Classes:

Learn practical solutions and techniques to manage dangerous situations, fear and anxiety, verbally diffusing attackers, striking and offensive manoeuvres, as well as raising self-awareness.

Group Self Defence Classes run by Impact Self Defence are tailored sessions, offering a great way to learn valuable, life-long skills, with your friends, family, and also workplace groups!

Choose between specially designed Self Defence modules, or have a program tailored for your groups needs.

Experience an introduction to Self Defence by attending the Self Defence Workshop, (Unarmed), presented by our highly skilled Instructors.  This 10-hour workshop will provide the principles and fundamental skills necessary to avoid an attack, and teach practical methods to defend against one, should your avoidance strategy fail.

The workshop has been developed to introduce critical skills required for your immediate self defence because when seconds count, help is usually minutes away. This workshop can be delivered in private sessions as well as organisations or small groups, and will be tailored to your lifestyle. Let’s Get 2 Work!

Learn Self Defence Classes Wigan Lancashire North West England

Our Group Self Defence Classes can cover:

  • Awareness and self confidence
  • Fear and adrenaline
  • How to strike effectively
  • Dealing with harassment
  • Self Defence and the Law
  • Evasion, awareness and posture
  • Wrist hold escapes
  • Clothing hold escapes
  • Arm hold escapes
  • Choke hold escapes
  • Hair hold escapes
  • Finger locks
  • Wrist locks
  • Arm locks
  • Shoulder locks
  • Choke holds
  • Take down methods
  • Throws
  • Effective strikes
  • Body weapons
  • Utilising weapons to hand