Training Ju-Jitsu After Black Belt

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In modern Japan, the few surviving practitioners of classical ju jitsu are perceived almost as antiquarians rather than participants in a living art. In the West, however, Ju Jitsu thrives!

After finding its way across the Pacific, Ju Jitsu took strong root in both England and America (particularly on the West Coast.) Especially as judo turned more and more in the direction of sport instead of fighting, ju jitsu became more popular as a method of self-defence.

The same combat-emphasis that made Ju Jitsu unpopular in the late 1800s has made it desirable in the present. This is not to say that ethics and philosophy should be unimportant to the modern Ju Jitsu practitioner.

Just as modern Japanese dojos promote Bushido and the spirit of the Zen warrior, Western practitioners should infuse Ju Jitsu with ethical values taken both from the Japanese and their own traditions.

The influence of combat sports on Ju-Jitsu

The young shodan (black belt) will walk a lonely path as many student fall by the wayside, distracted by the lure of fame & fortune, by styles of a sport orientation. Point scoring & the exclusion of dangerous techniques dilute the essence of the martial art style being practiced.

In most cases, the young Shodan will be lead down routes were they have no choice but to practice these styles in an endless battle to find opponents and although not strictly bound to this style it allows the student the ability to practice & develop their own technique. This in-turn has led to a relatively new sport, Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A) were multi disciplines are executed to define a winner, again, rules are implemented to safeguard the contenders.

Black belt, It is only the beginning!

Training after Shodan (black belt) is quite difficult in that most students (gakusei) finish their training, in their mind, having achieved Shodan see this pivotal point as the end, however, for the minority of true disciples (deshi) continue their training & learn how to be a true master of Ju Jitsu.

In most cases were the student has moved round they would ultimately have bolstered their technique and gained additional knowledge along the way, this in turn allows the student to focus on minimal effort while applying maximum effect, minimum foot work combined with extraordinary focus makes the practitioner a formidable opponent whether in sport or as in most cases in self-defence.

Self Defence and Ju Jitsu Wigan by Impact Self Defence

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