As of 16-03-2020 classes are closed due to current situation with regards Coronavirus.

In the following week we will be investigation distance learning methods.

Welcome to Impact Self Defence, Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga Wigan

Impact Self Defence is a professional Martial Arts organisation based in Wigan in Lancashire, specialising in Self Defence techniques, traditional Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga.

We welcome students from any age and background, and our many years experience, coupled with a vast amount of knowledge enables us to bring out the very best in students of any ability.

Impact Self Defence was born through a group of like minded individuals practising martial arts of different forms. We focus on the reality of personal and practical self defence, while still recognising the traditional forms and techniques.

We hold regular weekly Ju Jitsu Classes for both children and adults in our own Dojo which is located in Appley Bridge, on the outskirts of Wigan, though we also travel throughout the North West of England to carry out Group Lessons for Schools, Colleges, or other organisations.

Ju Jitsu Wigan Ju Jitsu Chorley by Impact Self Defence Wigan


Our Junior Ju Jitsu Classes cater for children from 6 – 16, and are tailor made to help children develop both physically and mentally, whilst having fun.

 Children attending our Junior Classes benefit from:

  • increased confidence
  • improved concentration levels
  • learning to respect others
  • self discipline
  • the ability to recognise danger and avoid difficult situations

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Ju Jitsu Wigan - Adults Ju Jitsu Classes Wigan


We practice some of the most complete Martial Arts in the world and, because it favours ability over force, it is accessible to everyone without limitations of age, sex and physical makeup.

Our Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga Classes teach students many skills for personal safety – breakaway and walk along techniques, though in addition to these students also benefit from:

  • increased overall fitness
  • increase in self confidence and own ability
  • reduced stress levels

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Self Defence Classes Lancashire North West England


Our Group Classes offer bespoke, experience and ability orientated group classes for individuals who find regular classes inaccessible.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an expert in Martial Arts, you will find that we can meet your needs, whether that may be self-defence technique improvement, the betterment of your psycho-physical wellness, or the increase of your perception of, and faith in, your own abilities.

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So what is it that Impact Self defence do?

Strikes, kicks, and a whole lot more!  The art of Ju Jitsu allows you to defend yourself, and comprises the following types of techniques:

    • Punches – Strikes – Kicks
    • Throws & Joint Locks
    • Ground Defences & Grappling
    • Weapon Defence
    • Defences against multiple attackers, and more

Impact Self Defence and Ju Jitsu Wigan

Self Defence and Ju Jitsu Wigan Lancashire Manchester North West England

Syllabus and Approach
Club Principles

The actual techniques of Ju Jitsu are aimed at self defence, therefore, there are no limits placed on one’s technical repertoire. This can range from the use of kicks, punches and blows with the elbows and knees, to the use of screening, articular pressure, ground wrestling, defence from “white” weapons (non firearms) such as knives and clubs, and making use of the knowledge of the numerous vulnerable points of the body. Even though it is principally a hand-to-hand combat method, the practice of traditional weapons (KOBUDO) like the Katana, the stick or club, the Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, etc., completes the vast technical repertoire.

We teach Ju Jitsu with a firm foundation of respect, both towards each other, and to the art that has been handed down from instructor to student over generations.

We strive to make our club a fun and friendly place to train, and welcoming to all. To learn Ju Jitsu requires students to apply themselves in a careful and thoughtful manner at all times, both inside and outside of the Dojo.

All we ask is that you come with a smile, an open mind for learning, and a desire to improve yourself and do the very best you can.

Impact Self Defence have Public Liability Insurance in place for all our students.  However, as the welfare of our Ju Jitsu and Self Defence students is paramount at all times,  unlike many other Martial Arts establishments Impact Self Defence also have additional insurance in place through the British Ju Jitsu Association  which covers all our students via Profesional Indemnity.

Please note that all our instructors are fully DBS Checked, for your peace of mind and

hold professional martial arts teaching qualifications from  BJJAGB and NFPS Limited

Impact Self Defence offer a FREE trial lesson in all of our  amazing  classes in Wigan.